Ashirira Foot Sheets – chili 2pc


树之惠足贴(辣椒)红色 2张

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Product Introduction
Day today luck was morning refreshing put you at night.

Foot-care, which worked hard at such standing work a long time.
Attach them to the back of Petatsu and feet before going to bed, it will be celebrating the clean pleasant morning.
After use, the seat will turn brown by the water supply force of bamboo sap powder.
For those who legs is likely to cold, hot pepper component of warm formulated from within.

Product Use
● stuck to the printed surface of the natural sap sheet to the adhesive surface of the fixed pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet.
● Please fix pasted to the portion to be a seat in the back and the care of the feet.
※ is effective when put to the night before.

Materials / Ingredients
Dextrin, bamboo sap, Dogudami Hazue, loquat Hazue, chitosan, vitamin C, red pepper