Bifesta Moisturizing Makeup Remover Wipes Purple 46pcs


缤若诗 高效保湿卸妆湿巾透亮型 紫色 46枚

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Product Introduction
Bright Up completely removes dead skin cells and dirt trapped in pores!

A single sheet of does everything from makeup removal to skin care!

A generously moistened sheet thoroughly and completely removes makeup,
with no need for rinsing – so you can go straight to bed afterward! Also removes dullness to make your skin translucent and leaves skin moisturized!

Two types of skin lotion-derived moisturizing/cleansing ingredients quickly float and envelop oil-based makeup, as well as dullness-causing dead skin cells, while maintaining moisture. Gently massage with Cleansing Wipes without rubbing: they easily and smoothly remove even the thickest eye makeup and foundation trapped in pores, turning the skin translucent after each wipe.

While also protecting the moisture moisturizing cleaning component also dropped by moisture from transparent to the skin! Lotion is dull make-up, crowded wrapped floated quickly make oil, as well as make-up dirt, horny old skin that cause Kusumi also It drops Surutto. Just stroking gently, even dark eye makeup also of pores foundation, and dropped Innovation and without rubbing up dull, to the transparent skin every time you use. Because cleansing made with a piece Kore from makeup remover to lotion from easy! Lotion component, one Kore from makeup remover to lotion! Even if not washed away OK. A large sheet (150mm × 200mm) ● to kindness to plenty about 5.9ml of cleansing liquid formulations ● soft sheet adopted gentle per skin ● skin per sheet can take wipe the entire face in the firm make-up off! One ● with a single I thought was friction reducing prescription ◇ Bright up melanin horny also be neat! ~ getting black pores type – moisturizing vitamin C and AHA of a kind of a kind of lactic acid blended dirt of pores. Betatsukazu, it is refreshing to the skin. ※ old horny ※ 2 blackheads = pores of dirt moisturizing cleaning ingredients coercive Shimegata vitamin C ※ compounding lactic acid (horny flexible component) blended ※ bis-glyceryl ascorbic acid-free fragrance-free coloring, oil-free, including 1 melanin

Product Use
1. You can firmly make off with cleansing liquid .1 sheets plenty to large sheet. Are taken out one by 2.1 sheets, used to dry the skin. First of all, from the point make-up, such as the eyes or mouth. Eye makeup , wipe gently from the warmer the folded sheet for a while. 3. Repeat until the stain on the sheet while folded wiping take so that the sheet with a clean surface will not stick. 4. makeup remover when it is no longer stuck dirt on the sheet is completed because. moisture component remains on the skin, you do not need to wash away. directly proceed to the skin care of the next step OK. please be in depth together use the number of make-up and adjustment. the eye makeup with pinpoint shooting! eye entering so as not while paying attention to, put a folded sheet on the eyelid about 10 seconds, then wipe gently. eyeliner and mascara without rubbing scrub, Let further adapt and put the part of the folded end. in small part. folded wipe leaving 0! the eyes of Kiwa and nostril around, such as in the eyebrows, wipe left point is unexpectedly thing often. the fine part, let’s wipe with an end portion of the sheet folded. This wiping leave 0!

Materials / Ingredients
Water, ethanol, glycerine, coconut oil fatty acid PEG-. 7 glyceryl, PEG-6 (caprylic / capric acid) Guriserizu, diisostearate PEG-20 glyceryl, stearoyl glutamic acid Na, citric acid Na, xanthan gum, EDTA-2Na, citric acid, lactic acid, bis glyceryl ascorbic acid, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben