Biore Pore Pack Black (10 Strips)


Biore 黑头贴

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Product Introduction
These deep-cleaning pore strips remove blackheads and darkened pores. Can be easily pasted on your nose and taken off afterwards.
It completely removes keratotic plugs, which cause the pores to expand, and makes the pores less visible.
This three-dimensional facial mask fits perfectly to both sides of your nose.
Has a black color and you can easily check the pores you removed.
Contains ingredients for tightening up your skin.

● sunburn after and scratches, swelling, acne, eczema, or where there is umbrella with such abnormalities, do not use around the like of the eye.
● weak person is not used to stimulation by adhesive plaster (bandage).
● used with caution, good or abnormality does not occur in the skin. When you do not fit in skin, redness in use, swelling, stop itching, irritation, when an abnormality such as color missing (such as white spots) and darkening came out, the use when exposed to direct sunlight came out the same abnormality hit and, consult to Kawafu psychiatrist. You may continue to use symptoms worse.