Biore Pore Pack Black for Men (10 Strips)


Biore 黑头贴(男)

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Product Introduction
This facial sheet removes any keratin plugs or blackheads you may have in one swoop! Cleans all the way down to the bottom of each pore, for a smooth nose!
The large sheet covers your entire nose, adhering firmly.
Contains menthol for a refreshing sensation.

Product Use
Once a week is a standard for your use.
1. In the dry hands, remove the pack from the bag. A transparent film in the front, open lightly the cut part with your fingers and remove the film.
* Please use as soon as the pack once was opened.
2. wet with plenty of no man Ben with water nose.
3. Wipe well the wet hands, stuck to the skin of the slippery surface, ensure that it makes good contact.
4. dry until the pack is hard as it is. (Summer: about 10-15 minutes / spring, autumn, winter: about 5-10 minutes)
* Too When the pack becomes too hard and dry, forced to peel off and the like Kawafu is peeled off, please note that there is also damage the skin.
5. Peel off slowly little by little from the around.
* Please do not remove at once from one side.
* Too dry the pack, if felt j the terrible pain when peeled off, to stop the peel immediately, from sufficiently wet the pack with water, please remove slowly.
* If the black remaining in the hands and nose, please rinse with water.

Materials / Ingredients
Polyquaternium -37, silica, water, glycerol, iron oxide, dimethicone copolyol, menthol, (styrene / stearyl methacrylate) crosspolymer, methylparaben

● sunburn after and scratches, swelling, acne, eczema, and when there is dryness, such as abnormal, in the like around the eyes, please do not use.
● Please do not use the weaker the stimulation by adhesive plaster (bandage).
Please do not use when it is not suitable to your skin ●.