Biore Skincare Facial Foam – Moisture 130g


花王 碧柔 保湿洁面乳 蓝色

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Product Introduction
Designed to remove the dirt that causes skin irritation, Biore Skincare Face Wash Medicated Acne Care utilizes special SPT (Skin Purifying Technology) to retain the skin’s original moisture without compromising cleaning power.
Draw out your inner beauty.
Comfortable to use on the skin.
● Usable for children
● Elegant and refreshing floral scent

Description of item

Product Size (width X depth X height): 7.1 × 4.5 × 16.7

Product Use
● Rinse appropriate amount (about 2 ~ 3 cm) with water or hot water and wash well afterward.
● When it is nearly running out, you can use it without waste until the end by turning off the cap. (【Large】 size only)

Materials / Ingredients
Water, glycerin, stearic acid, myristic acid, laureth-6 carboxylic acid, palmitic acid, hydroxide K, lauric acid, sorbitol, polyquaternium-7, PG, EDTA-2 Na, methyl paraben, perfume

Storage Information
● Do not use for wounds, swelling, eczema or any other abnormalities.
● Use with care with skin abnormality. When it does not fit to your skin, when redness, swelling, itching, irritation, colored omission (vitiligo etc.) or darkening etc. occurs during use, if the same abnormality comes out in direct sunlight stop using it Then, consult a skin care physician. Symptoms may worsen as you continue to use it.
● Be careful not to enter the eyes, when entering, rinse thoroughly quickly.
● Be careful of the place to prevent accidental swallowing, such as children and people with dementia.