Calorie Mate Block Chocolate (1 Box)


大塚制药 巧克力味 代餐低卡热量饱腹压缩饼干

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Product Introduction
Calorie Mate chocolate four is a balanced nutritional food handy solid type. Some of the single 100kcal, protein, lipids, carbohydrates, 6 kinds of minerals, 11 kinds of vitamins, contains dietary fiber. Since it is easy amount of energy calculation, for those who care about the body fat and weight control, it can exact energy supply. Sports and, like when busy. Chocolate taste of the snack sensation.

Materials / Ingredients
Flour, margarine, sugar, eggs, almond, cocoa powder, skim milk powder, sodium caseinate, soy protein, wheat protein, chocolate, dietary fiber containing starch, salt, spices, magnesium carbonate

Nutritional Information
Four (81g) per
Energy 400 kcal, protein 8.7 g, lipids 22.4 g, carbohydrate 41 g, sodium 320 mg, calcium 200mg, potassium 170 mg, iron 3.4 mg, magnesium 50mg, phosphorus 90 mg, Vitamin A 900 IU, vitamin B1 0.6 mg, Vitamin B2 0.6 mg, vitamin B6 0.8 mg, vitamin B12 1.2 ug, niacin 8.5 mg, pantothenic acid 3 mg, folic 100 [mu] g, vitamin C 50 mg, vitamin D 50 IU, vitamin E 4 mg, dietary fiber 2g