Disney Princess Accessories Bath Ball 75g



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Product Introduction
Bikkura? Eggs and is a bathing agent of the bonus that comes out is a cute character dolls from in and bathing agent dissolves.

When the bathing agent melts, mascot can also be used Disney Princess motif as accessories will come out one of.
When the mascot is more than collect, you can enjoy replacement accessories parts.
Ariel and Rapunzel like everyone lineup Princess 5 people love!

● mascot
A total of five types.
– Ariel (ring)
– Rapunzel (ring)
– Cinderella (brooch)
Bell (brooch)
– Princess Aurora (ring)
※ contains the any one.

Materials / Ingredients
Bicarbonate Na, citric acid, sulfuric acid Na, amylodextrin, polyglycerin -3, perfume, red 106