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Dr. Scholl 拱形半鞋垫

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Product Introduction
"With Dr. Scholl's arch half insole for women free" is, to support the second arch of the foot (recesses between the base of the thumb and little finger), cushion type of toe-only insole (insoles). High impact-absorbing material to absorb the shock applied to the toe, and lift firmly the second arch. Because the arch with the insole, is particularly effective in the second arch, which has dropped tired of walking.

Product Use
1. Please check the left and right, and on the base fabric surface, please and secure it with the enclosed double-sided tape. 2. If the item is large, please adjust cut with scissors.

Contents: 1 pair Size: women's one-size-fits-all size (exterior): width 87 * Depth 5 * height 182 (mm)

1. blood circulation failure, people with diabetes, please use Consult your doctor. 2. After installation, if the removal of this product from the shoe, there is a case where the adhesive strength of the tape remains in the shoe.