Edison Mama Fork & Spoon Mickey


爱迪生妈妈 叉子和勺子 米奇

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Product Introduction
– devised where you can experience a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that we were able to eat on their own is full!
• What angle has become the possession of gently fit and easy-grip shape to the children of the finger from any location.
– Age is from 1.5 years old.

[Heat-resistant temperature] 80 degrees

Handle: polypropylene
Icon: ABS resin
Tip: Stainless steel

– Children may take unexpected action, so please use at always the reach of the eyes of parents and leaders.
Folk gap fingers and tongue, please take care not to put the teeth.
– noodles, please use entangled firmly to the back of the fork. By the narrowness and the state of the noodles might noodles fall.
– scratches and damage, if such a crack occurs, please discontinue use immediately.
· Please be sure to wash before and after use. Please use a soft sponge and dish soap when washing. Polishing powder, wool, etc. Please do not use because it may damage the product.
– Please do not boil is or put in boiling water. It may cause deformation.
– dishwasher, please do not use dish dryer. It may cause deformation.
– direct flame and oven grill, microwave oven, please do not use. It may cause deformation and damage.
– Please do not put on the side of the fire. It may cause deformation and damage.
– Please do not use applications for other purposes.