Hadabisei Moisturizing 3D Face Mask 4pc


肌美精 3D立体超浸透保湿提拉紧致面膜 4片

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Product Introduction
Ultra-penetration 3D mask series
Collagen (moisturizing)

Fruit acid (lemon extract) is to soften the stratum corneum of the skin surface, carefully penetration moisturizing ingredients to the deep layers of the stratum corneum. Thick jelly cosmetic solution containing a combination of collagen moisturizing ingredients, contains plenty of 30ml.

Moment fit in the three-dimensional shape
Three-dimensional shape sheet of peeling stubborn adhesion penetration design is making sure there is solid containment penetration of the component.

Sheet of adhesion penetration design / three-dimensional shape is firmly trapped component, you infiltrated.
Thick jelly cosmetic liquid is plenty of 30mL
Collagen (moisturizing) formulation aging care. To Halifax luster full of transparent skin.
Fruit acid containing lemon extract (keratoplastic) formulation.
High osmotic prescription

Product Use
1 After carefully washing the face, and prepares the skin with lotion.
Remove the 2 mask, spread to the left and right with a protruding portion, and the three-dimensional shape. (Please note liquid to anyone.)
While aware of the position of the three-day, and give to the forehead.
4 pull to the left and right, align the eyes.
From 5 nose over the cheek, while disconnect the air, ensure that it makes good contact.
6 combined under the mouth, jaw, while pulling up and brought into close contact.
7 as it is for 5 to 15 minutes Remove the mask from Oite (drying of the skin is about 20 minutes if you become more air).
The remaining essence to 8 face please let me rub to push by hand.
Use of one to two times a week is a standard.