Product Introduction
In moisturizing plenty of oil stick
Moist Gasagasa heel slippery

Smooth or a stick 30g is, the cream was compacted tightly, moisturizing stick for the heel.
Plenty to moisturize in the natural moisturizing olive oil, squalane, and familiar to slip into the skin. The oil component is making a film on the skin surface, to prevent the evaporation of moisturizing ingredients. So easy to be covered stick to your hands dirty, you can diligently care. Not only before the rest, also in care of during the day. In addition, you can use it to knee Hijiya.

Product Use
Remove the cap, turn the rotating portion of the container bottom. Tip out about 3mm, the anxious part of the umbrella with, such as the heel, please spread thinly uneven.
We recommend that you continue to paint every day in the bath.
· Skin to clean, please use the water of the well wipe from.
· After use, please tighten firmly the cap.
– painted after, it is more effective and wear socks.
– Although there are individual differences, once a day, if you painted on both heels
Accustomed to about 2 months use.

Materials / Ingredients
Vaseline, castor oil, olive oil, squalane, ceresin, beeswax and microcrystalline wax, cetanol, behenic acid aloe extract, rice bran extract, tocopherol acetate