Johnson baby powder plastic container (140G)



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Product Introduction
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Johnson baby powder 140g round can is, sweat, etc., keeping the skin of the sticky-prone baby and kidnapping, is a powder to protect rough skin from heat rash. Good quality we use a smooth talc friendly to your skin. At the time of replacement of underwear, diapers. In the bath up. When sweaty. Faint Smell.

how to use

● Take a small amount in the palm of your hand, please take us as stroking gently. (Puff are not included.)


● (does not mean that all the people in the allergy and irritation does not occur.) Allergy / Kawafu irritation tested
 ● that it may cause a breathing disorder inhale, please be careful in your use of the around face.
 Please note that with eyes ●.
 When you disagree with your skin ●, scratches, please do not use when a rash such as abnormal.
 ● redness, itching, swelling, discontinue use and get an abnormal manifestation of irritation, please consult your Kawafu psychiatrists and the like. You may continue to use the symptoms worsen.
 ● Please keep out of the reach of children.
 ● Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a cool place.


Talc, fragrance