Johnson Band-Aid power pad water proof 10pcs



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Product Introduction
Kizu Power Pad, developed by the latest technology, cures wounds quickly and completely while enhancing a natural healing power and softening pain. This is a first-aid tool whose “promotion of healing” has been recognized as an efficacy for the first time in Japan. Sterilized.

Product Use
Because this product is different from the usual first-aid adhesive tape, please use read the note as well as the appended document on the use.

Materials / Ingredients
· Hydrocolloid

● Do not use the scratch wound infection can be seen, the scab is made. ● prior to application, it is thoroughly washed the wound with tap water or the like. ● choosing the product of larger size than the wound. ● Do not re-use those ones, using opened once. ● who are receiving treatment for diabetes and blood circulation disorders, to consult a doctor per use. ● If you want to use in prying, it to be used by the original guardian of supervision. ● Do not use the 2-year-old following of infants. ● Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool place it. ● be stored out of the reach of children. ● Do not use the product past the expiration date. ● With respect to the use, to read the package insert well.