Johnson Bound Aid Frozen 20pcs



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Product Introduction
Larger cuts, to scratches. Wide pad and tape will firmly protect the wound. Cushioned well, because it is difficult to special processing pad attached to the wound, it does not hurt when you peel. Sterile.

Materials / Ingredients

● to clean the wound surface, please secure it with the tape by applying a pad part. Please do the frog stuck one to two times a day. ● When the unit is exposed to water or is dirty pad portion, instead of sticking with a new one, please be kept clean the wound. ● because it may cause skin irritation, please do not put repeat the tape to the same place. ● When you peel off after use, please peel off slowly so as not to damage the skin around the affected area and. ● The use of this product, rash, redness, if you are presented with the symptoms such as itching, discontinue use, please consult your doctor or pharmacist. ● Avoid direct sunlight, please keep out of the reach of children.