KAO Biore Makeup cleansing wipes 10sheets


花王 卸妆湿纸巾10片

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Product Introduction
Clean catch in the thick of the sheet to the van of the back of the pores! Cleansing Sheet type makeup.
Lotion component * compounding. Not Tsuppara be directly sleeping.
100% natural cotton. Gentle per skin.
● non-colored, oil-free
* BG (moisturizing)

Recommended Dosage
– Put your finger into the whole container, remove the bottom pig.
· Bag was taken out, take peel off the seal of the bag top.
Sheet is not out of the bag, the bottom pigs and the bag of the front is set to be in front, put the bag in the bottom pigs.
Pigs on top of the container is covered set to be in front, and close properly.

Materials / Ingredients
Water, laurate PEG-12, BG, ethanol, citric acid, benzoic acid Na, perfume