Kearivu cure force waterproof type LL size 7pcs


Nichiban防水胶布 LL 7片

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Product Introduction
“Kearivu cure force waterproof type LL size” is a waterproof type plaster to increase the power to cure with the skin. Hydrocolloid material of moist pad to absorb and retain the body fluids, white swelling, keeps the moisture environment suitable for cure the flaws. Without creating a scab, and support for a new skin to regenerate quickly clean. ● LL size: 50mm × 70mm, the pad section: 25mm × 35mm 7 pieces ● early cleanly cure moist healing scratches (wet therapy) ● use a transparent special processing film as thin as 0.03mm ● in a natural paste comfort inconspicuous , it does not pass water ● such as in wet work, shower ● management equipment equipment certification number: 226ADBZX00202000

Nichiban Co., Ltd.

Symptoms / Effects
Cut scratches, scratches, puncture wounds, scratches, chapped skin, hangnail, “the promotion of healing” of wounds and minor burns, such as a shoe sore (burns), “pain relief”, “maintenance of wet environment”, ” protection”

Product Use
Scratch in the tap water, etc., from wipe off well moisture, please use.

● size Quantity 50mm × 70mm, the pad section: 25mm × 35mm 7 pieces Material ● Tape: urethane film adhesive portion: acrylic adhesive pad portions: hydrocolloids

Scratches that can cause infection, infected wounds, acne, eczema, redness, insect bites, symptoms such as dermatitis, please do not use around-the mucous membranes of the eyes. • If the scab has been able to scratch, you might wet effects of this product can not be sufficiently obtained. – Please do not use a disinfectant or ointments and the like. – Diabetes and those who are undergoing treatment for blood circulation disorder, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before use. If you want to use and to children, please let use the original guardian of supervision. – Please do not use it for less than 3-year-old infants. • When peeled off so as not to damage the skin, this product has a pad when the peel may be left to scratch opening. · The remaining pad to scratch opening, please peel off while washing with hot water or water. – Please do not re-use.

Storage Information
Avoid direct sunlight, cool as much as possible with low humidity, please keep out of the reach of children.