KissYou Ion Toothbrush



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Product Introduction
A negative ion toothbrush that can be used only with water without toothpastes and makes your teeth shiny. ※This is not an electric toothbrush.
Just wet the bristles with a little bit of water and brushes with your palm or finger touched on the terminal (silver-colored part), and negative ion will flow into your mouth from the batteries built inside.
Extra-fine, regular type toothbrush that is most suitable for brushing gaps between teeth or periodontal pockets.
●Battery checker is built inside the toothbrush
●Hardness of bristles: Regular

Product Use
• The hair dampened, the palm of the hand or to the terminal (silver part), only brushing in a state in which the finger touches.
[Confirmation of remaining battery power]
– Battery of the remaining amount if the lamp is run over by pushing the checker button is enough.
Battery life: 1 day 15 minutes used in more than one year
※ You can not change the battery.

※ When the bristles opens, please exchange takes you a replacement brush.

Materials / Ingredients
● Material
Handle Material: ABS / PP resin
Hair material: saturated polyester resin

● hair hardness
● heat-resistant temperature
80 degrees

Minus ion of Kisuyu is safe to the human body, please use in consultation with your doctor for those who use a pacemaker, etc. just in case.