Kobayashi Dental Dr. soft interdental brush 20 pieces


小林制药牙线清洁棒20支 SS-M

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Product Introduction
Friendly rubber type in the gums
Remove the debris, plaque eat cause of periodontal disease, periodontal

Product Use
(1) Please use by removing one of the interdental brush.
   ※ axis be used without bending.
(2) while looking in the mirror, slowly straight into the interdental part so as not to damage the gums,
   Please be cleaned by moving finely back and forth.
   ※ If you difficult to insert or insert anything unreasonable, it is not rotated.
   Or damage the teeth and gums, my axis, bend, it may cause damage to the brush.
   ※ If the between the teeth is difficult to enter a narrow brush, please use the dental floss.

Materials / Ingredients
Handle: polypropylene
Brush: SEBS (thermoplastic elastomer)

SSS ~ S size, so that it can be used in the narrow space between the teeth, because you are designing a brush to ultra-fine, has become easily broken depending on the method of use. You can insert while bending to the back teeth, it will cause the break if you try to forcibly inserted between the teeth that do not fit
Axis is used without bending
The nature of the product, the product has become soft, folded and put excessive force, bend, because the cause of brush damage, slowly use without a power
Because be difficult to insert narrow between teeth that may damage the teeth and gums, not forcibly rotated plugging
Gums you may If you are weak bleeding, but the bleeding will be less and less with the use of every day. If the bleeding persists, refrain from the use and consult a dentist
Since products brush used to clean between the teeth, is not used for purposes other than cleaning between the teeth