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Product Introduction
"Go easy dental floss" is, four thread thin smooth will take Karame plaque-eat Cass entered the Surutto also in the narrow space between the teeth. In addition, by the pick of the unique shape, easily remove the debris eat difficult to take, such as the back of the teeth. ● value pack 60 bottles

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Product Use
(1) Insert while slowly back and forth floss. (2) takes up and down the plaque while along the side of the tooth. (3) Please to gently massage the gums at the same time. – The back of the take difficult plaque-eat dregs of leaves, please take us with a pick. And sanitation and on the on the function, we recommend one of your per this product one.

Materials / Ingredients
● quality display pattern: polypropylene thread: polyethylene heat-resistant temperature: 80 degrees

• In order to gums there is a possibility that hurt, when a-yarn floss or pick is not unreasonable to put in between the teeth is easy to cut or caught in the teeth, or have taken the dental fillings, since there is a risk of tooth decay, the dentist since the consultation place to store, this product is not out of the reach of, children hand that is a interdental cleaning tool, in use and not used for any purpose other than cleaning between the teeth, used to if you feel pain or abnormal the stop, on and health and functional to consult a dentist, it is recommended that you use a once for this product one.