Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Heel Smoothing Patches (6 sheets)



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Product Introduction
An overnight foot mask that makes your feet smooth by replenishing moisture to cracked heels.
Naturally derived moisturizing ingredients such as aloe extract, rice bran extracts, and squalene smoothly blend into the skin, softening your heels overnight.
This sheet adheres to the skin firmly and does not come off during sleep. It can also be used on your elbows or knees.
6 sheets.

Product Use
1. Remove the sheet from the bag and peel off the peeling paper.
2. next to the longer of the sheet, in the areas of concern of dryness, as drug (yellow part) hits, you paste in from the bottom side, and along the heel.
3. Paste to the rest of the sheet to cover the heel, firmly pressing, please be brought into close contact with the heel. Peel off the next morning after stuck overnight.
● Please avoid as much as possible sticking and repeat the re-paste, since it may cause the worse.
● it will be easier to peel off the moisture is attached to the foot, please put the well-blowing.

Materials / Ingredients
Alkyl acrylate copolymer, glycerol, urea, polyvinyl alcohol, citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid, aloe vera leaf extract, rice bran extract, green tea extract, squalane, glucose, zinc oxide, water, BG, 407 Yellow No., methyl paraben, propyl paraben

● scratches on the skin, swelling, do not use a site where there is an abnormality, such as eczema.
● redness during and after use and use, swelling, if the itching, abnormal, such as irritation appeared to discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.
● Do not use in any applications.
● use of this product is a one-time-only one on the function and health.
● Use as soon as possible because after opening there is a possibility that the effect is reduced.
● Store out of reach of children.
● Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature of the place, as much as possible store in a cool place.
● while put this product on the heel, and wear shoes and socks pack agent might be attached.
● If the pack material of this product has been deposited on the skin, you can easily fall just wash away or wipe tissue and the like.