Kobayashi Pharmaceutical yarn toothpick



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Product Introduction
Dental floss 10 bottles dental floss 10 bottles is to clean between the teeth floss that is a combination of dental floss and toothpick. Thin thread of six that were arranged in a strip (durable special thread) will take firm Karame the dirt between the teeth. In addition, the unique shape pick is securely removed until the dregs eat hard to take, such as the back of the teeth. Plus the dental floss to the finish of the toothpaste, always clean health! 10 bottles of the teeth and gums.

(1) Insert while slowly back and forth floss. (2) takes up and down and plaque while along the side of the tooth. (3) Please to gently massage the gums at the same time. ※ on the health and function, we recommend one of your per this product one. ● the back side of the take difficult plaque-eat dregs of tooth please take us with a pick.

Materials / Ingredients
Handle material: polystyrene yarn material: Nylon

● because it may damage the gums, floss is not unreasonable to put in between the teeth. ● when the yarn is likely to cut or caught in the teeth, because teeth fillings there is also a risk of tooth decay or have taken of, to consult a dentist. ● Store in a location out of the reach of children. ● Because this product is a interdental cleaning tool, not used for any purpose other than cleaning between the teeth. ● During use, discontinue use if you feel any pain or abnormal, consult a dentist.