Kobayashi protative layers yellow 72pcs


小林制药护垫花香味 黃72片

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Product Introduction
"Sarasaty Sara · li · e Happiness Flower 72" is, spend without hesitation one day clean, woven sheet of gorgeous rose and violet aroma plus the fruity accents (such as panty liner). Achieve a silky feeling that continues for a long time with its own wet-free sheet. Twisted pile firmly sheet and edge up to a soft sheet adopted, as smooth, such as high-quality linen, soft, cozy feel. It also prevents the stuffiness in the back seat through the air. Deodorant ingredients. Ass is neat backward slim cut the shape of the design.

Product Use
● Please wear underwear to the narrow end of the ※ sheet ●, such as during coral-ovulation day before and after and physiological before and after pregnancy to when you want to last longer prevent yellowing of fashionable underwear in the back side.

Storage Information
● When you do not fit in the skin, should be discontinued use. ● it after use does not flow to the toilet. ● as much as possible frequently exchange, please clean mind. ● The underwear using the softener may be difficult to bond.