KOSE Pure Rice Mask (40 Masks)


高丝 纯国产大米面膜 40枚

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Product Introduction
Using 100% domestic (Japanese) rice-derived ingredients, Clear Turn Pure Rice Mask EX’s premium rice extract blend and milky beauty solution is your answer to replenishing moisture to your skin while reducing the visibility of pores and irregularities.

Luxury Uruou at 1.100% domestic rice-derived components premium rice extract combination.
Ultra-rich Milky essence of premium rice extract combination will deeply penetrate the stratum corneum.
Moisture to every nook and corner, leads to skin that was Motchiri. Followed by a moist feeling until the next morning, the difference of cosmetic glue you can feel.
2. Drying and is pores noticeable large-capacity mask for everyday use of the measures.
It meets the skin pores stand out at that moisture is insufficient elasticity is lost in a lot of moisture.
Moist moisture, inconspicuous pores, you can achieve the skin plump resilient.
Drying fine lines also less noticeable. ※
※ efficacy evaluation tested
3. Plump is the best of comfortable to use a thick soft domestic sheet.
To plump thick sheet using a cotton Milky essence is plenty.
Fit so as to enclose gently, you can firmly care to the eyes, mouth.
Beauty liquid will penetrate steadily in the sealing effect of the mask.

Materials / Ingredients
Water-DPG, BG, glycerin Ethanol Alga near spinosa kernel oil, rice bran extract, fermented rice liquor-tocopherol meadowfoam oil, ubiquinone hydrolysis Komeekisu-hydrolyzed rice bran extract · EDTA-2Na · PEG-20 hydrogenated castor oil, xanthan di (C12-15) Palace -8 phosphoric acid cetearyl alcohol tetraoleate sorbeth -30 polysorbate 80, mineral oil, phosphate 2Na phosphate Na-ethyl paraben phenoxyethanol methylparaben

Mask taken out, please immediately use.
On health, it is once mask used Please do not use again.
After sunburn is, please use the subsided skin redness and hot flashes.
Use for an extended period of time and, please do not sleep while wearing the mask.
Please do not flush the toilet, etc. Since the sheet is not soluble in water.
In order to prevent the deterioration of the quality due to drying, please after use to tighten the chuck.
After opening, please keep storage from closing the chuck and the chuck portion above. Chuck part might cause the liquid leakage becomes under.
Please use within 100 days after opening.
Please do and not placed in the high temperature of the place where the hits of the day.
Please keep out of reach of children.
In rare cases the part of the mask you may unevenness of the derived cosmetic ingredients is confirmed, but the quality is not a problem.