KOSE Ultra-Concentrated AgingCare Mask 40sheets


高丝 超浓厚保湿面膜 40枚

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Product Introduction
A highly moisturizing aging care* facial mask that has 8 functions and delivers moisture to the skin. The thick, milky beauty essence penetrates deep into the skin and supports skin’s barrier function. Keeps the skin smooth and makes pores less visible.

*skincare that provides moisture and resilience to the skin according to age.

◇ mask taken out, please immediately use.
◇ on health, please do not use again once mask used.
◇ after the sunburn is, please use the subsided skin redness and hot flashes.
Long-term use or ◇, please do not sleep while wearing the mask.
◇ sheet Please do not flush the toilet or the like does not dissolve in water.
◇ In order to prevent the deterioration of the quality due to drying, please after use to tighten the chuck.
◇ after opening, please keep on top of the chuck portion from closing the chuck. Chuck part might cause the liquid leakage becomes under.
◇ after opening, please use within 100 days.
◇ Please do and not placed in the high temperature of the place where the hits of the day.
◇ Please keep out of reach of children.
◇ There is a case where unevenness derived from the beauty liquid component rarely a part of the mask is confirmed, but the quality is not a problem.