Laurier daily use pads 17cm 38pcs



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Product Introduction
Laurier Slim guard light daily feather without the 38 co-On, immediately pull to instantly smooth, do not give the love that menstrual blood is spread, is the napkin light daily for worry out unexpectedly generous (without wings). Compact size, light as not wearing. Mouret smooth and entirely breathable sheet adopted to not a. Fragrance-free. Quasi-drugs.

Product Use
Please use replacement as appropriate at the time of physiology.


● surface material: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester
● color: white

When you do not fit in, your skin, please consult your doctor.
– napkin after use, please discard wrapped in individual lap.
– Please do not discarded to the toilet.

Storage Information
After opening, so as not to penetrate dust and insects, etc., please keep in a sanitary manner.