Laurier Slim guard night /35cm 13 pieces


乐而雅 S系列零触感夜用卫生巾 35cm 13片

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Product Introduction
● at full speed suction sheet, to suction force that exceeds the absorption (our ratio).
● also out with a dot, without giving any love to spread, there is no anxiety behind leakage.
● tightly confined high absorption polymer is in the back, the surface until the morning is smooth!
● 1mm absorbent sheet is supple and fit of which rely, does not make also uneasy gap.
● to be tightly covered by 35 centimeters and the wide back guard of peace of mind, not Mokomoko.
● hard to stuffiness on the entire surface breathable sheet.
● 350 for the night

This napkin (for the night) to thoroughly guard behind leakage. Also newly developed surface sheet is out with a dot, it does not give the love that spreads draw instantly. Often at night, peace of mind until the morning without worrying about the back leakage. In addition, carefree rolling over in a dependable 1mm. It does not create the uneasy gap fit supple. Clean without Mokomoko to wrapping firm ass. Mood eased design individual packaging. Gentle skin sitting dividing of cotton feel.

Materials / Ingredients
Surface material … polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester

Please consult your doctor if your skin does not fit ●.
● After use, please discard wrapped in cup
● Please do not flush the toilet.