LION Mouthwash Herbal Mint 600ml


狮王漱口水 草本薄荷 600ml

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Product Introduction
○ in its own long-term sterilization system, for a long time prevent bad breath to be worried about. Mouthwash that can keep a clear breath.
○ it can exhibit the effect of the bactericidal component in straight, their own long-term sterilization system adopted.
○ bactericidal component CPC (cetylpyridinium chloride) spreads to every corner of the tongue and in your mouth, and then sterilize the micro bad breath causing bacteria.
○ In addition, it suppressed the growth of bad breath causing bacteria, prevents the occurrence of a long period of time smell.
Just rinse ○, all the time bad breath is not worried.
○ natural mint formulations, non-alcoholic light herb mint flavor gentle at low stimulation.

Materials / Ingredients
Solvent … PG / wetting agent … glycerin / flavoring … perfume (write herb mint type), xylitol, saccharin Na / solubilizers … POE hardened castor oil / pH adjusting agent … citric acid Na, citrate / preservative … paraben / medicinal ingredients … cetyl pyridinium chloride (CPC)