Nivea Deep Moisture lip cream fragrance-free


妮维雅唇膏 无香

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Product Introduction
Firmly moisture in person painted, followed by slightly glossy, Takayasushime lip care. In the high-water retention type duration veil *, moisture is spread instantly, keeps close contact with melts at body temperature of the lips. ● 5 one of moisturizing ingredients (honey, amino acid-based water-holding component, olive oil, trehalose, royal jelly extract) prevents compounding ● rough, cracked lips. Active Ingredients: Vitamin E (blood circulation promotion component), glycyrrhetinic acid stearyl (anti-inflammatory component) ● Protect your lips from UV rays. UV-cut ingredients (SPF20 · PA ++). In order to keep the ultraviolet rays prevention effect, please reapply to frequently ● fragrance-free