Nodonuru wet mask three-dimensional fragrance-free 3set


小林制药11小时持续保湿口罩 日用

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Product Introduction
· Three-dimensional type mask that boosts throat with steam effect
· Since we use a wet filter in mask pocket, we keep moisture for about 10 hours while wearing mask
· We use nonwoven fabric friendly to the skin
· No fragrance

Nodonu – Runure mask solid fragrance-free usually three sets, is a wet moisten the throat in the steam effect of filters, wet mask. Moisture in the filter will moisten the throat becomes a vapor by breathing. Plenty of moisture, moisture will persist. In high-density filter function, to cut the virus splash pollen in the air 99%. Mouth is spacious three-dimensional mask, with a special shape wet filter, which was divided into left and right so as not to interfere with breathing, is the conversation is easy.

Product Use
(1) Please set the left and right one by one filter from the entrance to mask the top. (2) Please wearing the mask so as to cover from the nose to the chin.

Materials / Ingredients
Body / polypropylene, ear rubber / polyester polyurethane, wet filter / pulp, rayon, polyester

Storage Information
● on the health and function, use of filters and wet mask is a one-time, do not re-use. ● wet filter is opened immediately prior to use. ● to those who are abnormal in infants and respiratory is not used. ● scratch on the skin, swelling, do not use if you have, such as abnormal eczema. ● redness during and after use and use, swelling, if the itching, abnormal, such as irritation appeared to discontinue use. ● Do not use in order to prevent the toxic dust, gas and the like. ● If you feel bad in the smell of the mask to stop using it. ● Store out of reach of children. ● Do not use those who can not be attached to and detached from this product due to its own intention. ● Use the one that suits the size of the face.