Pigeon breast pads premium care 102 sheets


贝亲 防溢乳垫 柔软透气 102片

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Product Introduction
Product Features

"Pigeon breast pads premium care 102 pieces" is, premium quality, is the breast milk pad of smooth silky touch. Nipples delicate Mama first time mom. The middle is crowded wrapped gently nipples fluffy. Much murmuring the entire ventilation. Further shift hard in the five tape.


● Please replace every breast-feeding. Also when the amount is large, please be replaced at any time. ● discontinue the use when it is not suitable to your skin, please consult your doctor. ● Please do not shed, such as the toilet. ● to keep out of reach of children, please after use and dispose of immediately. ● it has been identified with respect to the safety of the material but, in use, accidental ingestion of children, please pay attention to Ayamashoku. ● It may smell of raw materials is felt, but the quality is not a problem. ● and direct sunlight, please do not keep to the high temperature of the place.

how to use

Trimmed round the shape of the pad, please use mounted so as to stick to the bra side in a state in which the Daburuzure prevention tape is up and down.

Quality indication

Polyester non-woven fabric

Distribution source

Pigeon Co., Ltd.