Pigeon colourful 3 layer breast milk box



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Product Introduction
Product Features

Pigeon milker is, leave measure the 3 doses of milk powder, is portable can milk formula supplies. With a lid to rose one by one.


– Boiling, a chemical solution, you can microwave disinfection. · Your dish dryer Please avoid. It can cause thermal deformation. ● because of the attention-moisture protection on the storage and handling, cap, please fully tighten. – Please do not place near the child when not in use. * Please do not place near the fire. – You will not be able to use in the microwave oven as cookware. ● When Remarks – microwave disinfection, please always use the microwave disinfection dedicated instrument. It is not possible to disinfect put in a microwave oven as it is a part.

how to use

– A dose of powdered milk in accordance with the age of the baby please put in each body. – Please was sealed with a funnel cap on top of each body. When of-control milk Remove the cap of the funnel, please put the milk powder to the bottle.

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Pigeon Co., Ltd.