Pigeon feeding spoon 2 spoons


贝亲 贝亲宝宝适用勺2支

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Product Introduction
Pigeon for the first time of the feeding spoon is a spoon for a baby to support the eat to childhood from weaning start. ● The depth and width that was in your mouth of paste for … baby, even in the weak baby a closing force lips, you can eat without leaving. ● because it was in your mouth of fruit juice, soup for … baby food start time baby, also a baby that can not be pursing a well your mouth, you can drink without spilling the liquid. So as not to overfill the tip portion to the back of your mouth, it has a positioning stopper. Since the soft and rounded portion corresponding to your mouth, gently to the baby of your mouth around the baby teeth begin to grow, you can use with confidence. 5 – 6 months from around May.

Styrene-butadiene copolymer resin, polypropylene

Pigeon Co., Ltd.

Product Use
When you start the baby food (when you rely on the spoon on the lips of the baby, I was no longer pushed strongly spoon in the tongue). 5 – 6 months from around May.

Please use in the place always a guardian’s supervision ●. ● When first time to use, please be sure to wash before use. ● There is the color to dishes arrive by the food, but hygiene is not a problem. ● During cleaning, please be washed with a soft side of a sponge. After that, please wash detergent. ● Do not place near the fire. (For disinfection method) ● can be boiling, microwave oven steam chemical disinfection. ● disinfection time of boiling disinfection is 3-5 minutes after boiling. Since excessive boiling fry quickly the product, please note. ● In the case of microwave disinfection, please read the items back side of the notes. Also please follow the instruction manual of the microwave oven.