Pigeon Vaseline prevent dry skin of baby 60G


贝亲凡士林 宝宝护肤保湿滋润无香型60g

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Product Introduction
Pigeon Vaseline 60g is, prevent drying of the skin, is 100% of the petroleum jelly that have not been put additives. It is a low-stimulus that can be used from newborn. Nobigayoku, hardly luck solid, regardless of the season, you can use the whole body. From baby newborn to adults, you can use with the whole family. The protection and drying measures, such as the skin and lips. No coloring, fragrance-free, paraben-free. 60g.

Product Use
– Take an appropriate amount on hand, please use let me rub your skin. * This product will be hard at a low temperature. Please use the time of use from the return the product to room temperature.

Materials / Ingredients

– Or abnormal in your skin does not occur, please use good care. When not fit into your skin and lips, also, please do not use the site of abnormal, such as scratches and eczema. In use, or in direct sunlight on your skin that you use, if the redness, swelling and itching and irritation, and color dropout (vitiligo, etc.) and darkening such abnormalities appeared to discontinue use, dermatologists, etc. Please contact us. And continue to accept Symptoms may worsen. – Please sink immediately with clean water when it reaches the eyes. – Please keep out of reach of children. – Extremely hot or cold, humid place, please do not put in direct sunlight.