Precious Garden Hand Cream (Romantic Rose) 70g


高丝 玫瑰味花香保湿护手霜70g

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Product Introduction
3 kinds of botanical oil blend.
Stuck to the component and the smell of natural origin, hand cream to ultra-moist wrapping the hand skin

– precious (Precious) three kinds of botanical oil blend.
Melting three organic botanical squeeze Butter & Oil formulation.

• The hand skin super-moist wrapping! Dense moisturizing to hand cream.
Dense moisture penetration and sealing. From a long period of time dry charm, after skin is surprisingly soft.
● carefully selected moisturizing ingredients: honey, rose extract, glycerin (moisturizing) formulation

And natural flavoring use! Fresh scent every time you use the spread comfortably.
Aroma of softly gorgeous romantic Rose

Materials / Ingredients
Water, glycerin propanediol stearate, cetearyl alcohol, arginine olive fruit oil, shea butter, centifolia flower extract, honey, jojoba seed oil, BG, (hydroxyethyl acrylate / acryloyl dimethyl taurine Na) Copolymer phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, perfume