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Product Introduction
Silver-based antibacterial + double-collecting filter 99% cut! High-performance five-layer structure!
Double collecting filter in the air particles (0.0001 mm = 0.1 [mu] m) 99% reduction
· Silver-based antibacterial filter built-in. Inhibit the growth of bacteria in the filter surface. (Not effective against all bacteria)
Nose and block the gap of the cheek. Shape-retaining nose fitter and side fit form (design registered) block the gap.
· Keep the space of the mouth, high comfort to flexibly cope with the movement of eliminating! Mouth suffocation.
– attaching feeling UP! Adopted a new ear straps. In soft touch, not hurt to wear a long period of time.
· Mouth loose. Without suffocating, comfortable hard to even continue to talk shifted.
· Tingling hard to high-quality non-woven fabric. Long-term use at low fuzz seat comfort.
– Cloudy also block of glasses. Block the rise of breath fog block the film.

Product Use
(1) surface on which the character has been written of the inner inside will be on the face side.
(2) stretched pleats of the crease on the vertical extends the mask.
(3) the mask upper part of the nose fitter please bend to fit the shape of the nose.

Mask size: 90mm × 175mm
Subject: cold, pollen, dust · PM2.5, etc.

The main filter part: polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene
Ear string portion: polyester, polyurethane
Nose off fitter: polyethylene

· If there is an abnormality in infants and respiratory please do not use.
* This product is toxic gas, there is no effect on the harmful dust.
Or feel sick in the mask odor, if you feel the suffocation, please discontinue use.
· If you there is an abnormality in the skin, please do not use.
• If the itching, rash or the like occurs discontinue use immediately, please consult your doctor.
– If you are allergic symptoms to the metal, or please do not use those who allergy is suspected.
– Please do not use near a fire.
* This product can not be re-used to wash because it is a type Single Use. We recommend that you use from the hygiene of one a day, but please replace If the dirt is a concern.
Since it has, to mask the top with a nose fitter, please handle with care.
– due to the environment and individual differences, that it may glasses fog up, such as the time of operation, please caution.
– Please keep out of reach of children.
– hot and humid Please avoid storage in place.
· Please remove from the amount corresponding to the outer bag to be used.