Speedy Perfect Whip – Moist Touch (150ml)


资生堂专科快速卸妆泡沫洁面滋润型 150ml

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Product Introduction
Specialized Speedy Perfect Whipped Mist Touch 150ml is a foam cleanser of a skin care idea that designed foam suitable for the skin type. Wrap your skin with fine moisture foam, wash it moist and smooth skin. Naturally derived silk essence + W hyaluronic acid formulation. It is a fragrance of fresh floral fragrant fragrant. Allergy tested · No coloring (Not allergies do not occur in all people).

【Recommended Skin】 Dry Skin / Ordinary Skin

Description of item

Foam cleanser of skin care concept designed an optimal foam according to the skin type. Of normal skin, dry skin toward.
Wrap the skin in a fine-grained moisture foam, washes in moist smooth skin.
Naturally derived silk essence * and W hyaluronic acid ** compounded