Calorie Mate Block – Cheese 4 Sticks


大塚制药 奶酪味 代餐低卡热量饱腹压缩饼干

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Product Introduction
Calorie Mate block cheese four is, or was unbalanced diet prone, there is no time, based on the modern people of the diet can not eat to want to eat in such a busy, balance nutrition was born thinking about nutrition and hunger eliminated It is food. The low-calorie food, konjac, mushrooms, seaweed is a representative will be raised as food. However, due to health and diet, as well as low calorie, it is important to have balanced nutrition. For this purpose, the protein was combined vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber in the center it is ideal to eat. Calorie Mate block, some of the single 100kcal, protein, lipids, carbohydrates, 6 kinds of minerals, 11 kinds of vitamins, contains dietary fiber. Because it is simply the amount of energy calculation, for those who care about the body fat and weight control, it can exact energy supply. Sports and, like when busy. Storage stability is high, can also be used as emergency food. In the original of the Calorie Mate, deep-rooted popularity of cheese taste.

Materials / Ingredients
Flour, edible oils and fats, sugar, natural cheese, eggs, butter, almonds, starch, skim milk powder, salt, soy protein, wheat protein, sodium caseinate, modified starch, flavoring, magnesium carbonate, emulsifier, carotenoid pigments nutrition component four (80g ) per energy / 400kcal protein / 8.4g fat / 22.2g carbohydrate / 40.7g dietary fiber / 2g sodium / 370mg potassium / 100mg calcium / 200mg iron / 2.5mg magnesium / 50mg phosphorus / 100mg vitamin A / 225μg vitamin B1 / 0.5mg vitamin B2 / 0.6mg vitamin B6 / 0.5mg vitamin B12 / 1μg niacin / 5.5mg pantothenic acid / 2.8mg folic acid / 100μg vitamin C / 40mg vitamin D / 2.5μg vitamin E / 4mg