Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Sarasaty cotton 100 fragrance-free



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Product Introduction
Sarasaty cotton 100 value pack 112 sheets is a fabric sheet using the surface sheet of 100% natural cotton. In just the thin 1mm, it can be installed without discomfort in cutting to fit a woman’s body and underwear of the line. Using the full breathable back sheet. To suppress the local stuffiness miss the moisture, turnip is difficult to comfort. A stripe-shaped the entire surface of the tape, it does not interfere with the moisture. Fragrance-free.

● use of natural cotton 100% of the surface sheet friendly to your skin.
● using the full breathable back sheet.
Pile to further rash suppress a local of stuffiness miss the moisture ●.
● stripes over the entire surface of tape that does not interfere with ventilation.
● fragrance-free type.
● is no sense of incongruity in just 1.5mm thin.
● eliminating the peel tape, it can be installed in speedy.
● cutting to fit the woman’s body and underwear of the line.

please note

• If you do not meet the skin, please discontinue use.
After use, please do not flow to the toilet.
· Please use at any time in addition to the physiological day.
– as much as possible and frequently exchanged, please clean mind.
After opening, as dust and insects from entering, please keep in a sanitary manner.