Unicharm Ultra-thin daily pad 24.5cm 16pieces


尤妮佳超薄日用粉色甜蜜花香卫生巾 24.5cm 16片

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Product Introduction
An ordinary fashionable individual lap 1 of the compact size of 2 minutes of slim napkin, best to carry.
Palm and pouch, because also fits neat in the pocket, very convenient for when you go out!
And peace of mind even in the compact.
(1) leakage peace of mind because to absorb five times kidnapping by the function improved. And firmly absorb up menstrual blood was a drop.
(2) is comfortable skin soft celebrity seat comfort! Soft tailoring of the skin celebrity sheet in the three-dimensional gathers equipped.
Also, the physiology of the day, the mood in the scent was soft and Happy.
Fashionable smell like perfume, by formulating a well-balanced aroma of birth! Several by the joint development of the perfumers (perfumer), you can enjoy a good smell even during menstruation.
Suite floral scent. Not to smell the gas in a gorgeous smell. Blended geranium in perfumery.
– fluffy and smell will spread. By applying a scent on a napkin body, you can enjoy the aroma when you are also using when you carry a napkin.
• Individual wrap stylish design featuring a flower. In gorgeous aroma and design, such as not a sanitary products, the feelings Happpy

Product Use
· Please use replacement as appropriate physiological time.

[Size] 24.5cm · wings with (especially many daytime-Slim)

Polyester, polyethylene

– Please consult your doctor when it is not suitable to your skin.
– napkin after use, please discarded wrapped in individual lap.
– Please do not discarded to the toilet.

Storage Information
After opening so that does not enter, such as dust and insects, please keep in a sanitary manner.