KOSE 6 in 1 Mask (50 Masks)


高丝 六合一保湿紧致美白面膜 50片

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Product Introduction
This all-in-one mask has 6 different functions!
Use it as a lotion, beauty essence, emulsion, eye mask, facial mask, and cream, all at once!
This mask makes it possible for you to care for spots and dehydrated small wrinkles at the same time. Makes your skin taut and translucent.
Contains 50 sheets.

*Efficacy evaluation conducted.
*Makes small wrinkles caused by dryness less visible.

At the same time one 6 roles of all-in-one mask that can care spots and dry fine lines. Daily skin care, leads to skin full of plump clarity. 50 sheets large capacity input.
◇◇ sheet mask clear turn brand sales 8 years # 1 ◇◇
(INTAGE SRI sheet pack (total sales amount of self- system) market in December 2006, January 2013 (CLEAR TURN brand meter))
– suppressing the production of melanin, medicated whitening mask to prevent freckles spots (whitening active ingredient tranexamic acid formulation)
– moisturizing Charge ingredients (collagen, hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, natural moisturizing factor (serine), glycerin)
• 1 piece of 6-role all-in-one mask (lotion, essence, milky lotion, cream, pack, eye mask). After washing, full face mask of skin care is completed with a single.
– 100% natural materials of the adhesion sheet is comfortably fit in the eyes. It leads to transparent beautiful skin to plump and Hari effectively to penetrate the skin and beauty solution.
– easy-to-use large-capacity 50 pieces every day.

◇ mask taken out, please immediately use.
◇ on health, please do not use again once mask used. ◇ after the sunburn is, please use the subsided skin redness and hot flashes.
Long-term use or ◇, please do not sleep while wearing the mask.
◇ sheet Please do not flush the toilet or the like does not dissolve in water.