Kose Super Point Makeup Remover


高丝 Softymo新眼唇卸妆啫喱 230ml

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Product Introduction
Eyes, mouth dedicated remover.

Gel becomes fresh and smooth, making it easier familiar more with cotton and eye makeup.
Mascara clear ingredients.
Also fell hard waterproof mascara and eyeliner, drops and quick and familiar at Surung.
In eyelashes protection component (silk extract) new formulations, will charm the eyelashes in the harsh environment in the hard eye makeup.
In addition to hyaluronan, new compounding trehalose.
In neutral type close to tears, friendly feeling in the eyes.
Unnecessary washed away.

Product Use
Take an appropriate amount on cotton, wipe lightly for a while and rub the eye make-up fees and lipstick.
When you drop the mascara, a few seconds addressed the cotton moistened with liquid Close your eyes to the eyelashes, let soften the liquid so as to sandwich the eyelashes.
Then, wipe gently so as not pull without rubbing strongly.