Kowa warm supporter knee dedicated L size


发热护膝 L

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Product Introduction
Self heat fiber exert extra insulation! When the sweat of the water vapor is adsorbed to the fiber, the kinetic energy of the water vapor in the heating fibers to change into thermal energy, also wraps warm the knee when it’s cold.
· U-shaped taping structure, support from the left and right below the knee, and firmly suppressing the blurring of the knee. In addition to mounting the Banterin supporters, is firmly support the movement of the knee, kicking of the legs will be easier. The long size design, by covering a wider range than the supporters for normal knee, and warm support the knee.
Slit knit structure corresponds to the smooth bending and stretching of the knee, to reduce the deviation of supporters. Unpleasant bite and at the time of bending and stretching, to suppress the stuffiness.
The mesh material, even while feeling fit and support a sense, is also a point of hard to stuffiness.
Left and right shared, 1 sheets.

Product Use
(1) Please read the legs from the direction of the V mark.
(2) U-shaped knit, according to the position, such as to support the dish of the knee from the bottom, in our extended leg, please adjust so that there is no slack.

L size: 37cm~40cm

Nylon, acrylic, polyurethane, wool

※Something you can not do
1. The following people, please do not use
(1) sprains, fractures, people there is abnormality such as swelling, severe pain in the affected area with ligament damage and the like.
(2) a person that seems to be peripheral blood circulation disorder or some.
(3) to wear site, scratches, swelling, people that there is an abnormality of eczema, and the like.
(4) chronic dermatitis and, people with allergies due to chemical fiber and rubber materials.
2. Please do not use other than the specified site.
3. things that do not fit the size please do not use
4. Please do not use while sleeping
※ to consult
If during use, or such as the following symptoms after use abnormality occurs discontinue use immediately, please consult your doctor or the like.
 Symptom: rash, redness, rash, congestion, abnormal pain, edema