Pigeon baby foam shampoo 350mL


Pigeon 婴儿泡沫洗发露350ml

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Product Introduction
Pigeon baby foam shampoo 350ml is a baby shampoo skin care concept that focuses on the kindness of vernix. As moisturizing, vernix one similar component Pigeon Baby lipid (in stearic acid cholesteryl + Ceramide 2) formulation. Weakly acidic, which according to your baby’s skin. Less likely to stain the eyes, it is a good shampoo bubbles out. Fine fluffy bubbles drops firmly dirt. Skin off irritating tested by Kawafu psychiatrist. (Does not mean that does not occur skin trouble to all of those.) Weak acid-free coloring, fragrance-free, paraben-free.

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Product Use
From taking an appropriate amount of foam to hand wet hair, wash to massage the scalp, please do and then rinsed thoroughly.
Please note that turning a blind eye ※.

Materials / Ingredients
Water, DPG, lauroyl methylalanine TEA, PEG-20 Sorubitankokoeto, cocoamphoacetate Na, lauramidopropylbetaine, ceramide 2, PPG-4 ceteth-20, cholesteryl isostearate, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, citric acid, citric acid Na, lauric acid , ethylhexylglycerin, polyquaternium-10, chloride Na, phenoxyethanol, etidronate

● If it is not suitable to your skin, also, do not use in an area of ​​abnormal such as a crack and eczema.
● When in use, the abnormalities such as redness, swelling and itching and irritation appears, discontinue use and consult to, such as skin doctor.
● When it reaches the eyes, flush immediately with clean water.
● Store out of reach of children.
● Extremely hot or cold, humid places, not placed in direct sunlight.
● Please do not mix, such as other body soap and shampoo.
● Before changing packed, washed with water well the bottle container, please dry well.
● After changing packed, please use carefully read the display of the bottle.
● This is not a food.