Pigeon pacifier 3 months or more M Mickey


贝亲 安抚奶嘴 婴儿硅胶奶嘴 3个月以上米奇 M

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Product Introduction
Pigeon pacifier 0 months or more Mickey S is a pacifier silicon rubber of fun design. In shape in pursuit of subsides and Sucking ease to the outback, support the calm of the baby. Impact on the development of the teeth has been devised so small, soft, made of silicone rubber. ※ The size of the hinterland of the baby there are individual differences. If the state that does not fit was seen in the outback, please use the pacifier of another size. ※ There is a case for a long time, a long period of time become your and is affected to the row of teeth and engagement. If you are concerned about, please consult an expert, such as a dentist as soon as possible.

Nipple: silicone rubber seat plate, such as: Polypropylene

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Please use the range always a guardian’s supervision ●. Baby is subject to the action unexpected. ● biting teeth, it may be when it comes to your long-term cut or scratched on the nipple. Please guardian every time your are sure to check if there are any abnormalities, such as scratches to pull the nipple. Please replace it with a new pacifier as soon as possible for the sake of safety. ● Before the first time you use, also please be sure cleaned and disinfected after everyday use. ● When you wash, you may water from entering the nipple. Since there is a possibility that the fungus grows, off the well water from the vent holes in the pacifier bottom, please use. ● After falling asleep the baby, please remove the pacifier.