Edison Mama Fork & Spoon white


爱迪生妈妈 叉子和勺子 米色白色

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Product Introduction
· Grip slippery hard to handle shape.
Easy to handle, which has even from the bottom, even from on-.

(set content)
Fork: 1
Spoon: 1
(Heatproof temperature)
Body: 140 degrees
1.5 years old –

Handle: polypropylene
Tip: Stainless steel

– Always use parents and leaders when the attendant, please keep an eye on children. Children There is a risk of injury to the movement unexpected.
– Please do not use is used for other purposes.
– scratches and damage, please discontinue use immediately if such a crack occurs.
Folk gap fingers and tongue, please do not put the tooth.
– Please use firmly entangle the noodles to the back of the fork. By noodles of thinness and circumstances might noodles fall.
· Please be sure to wash before and after use. Please wash with a soft sponge and dish soap when washing.
• When boiling disinfection, please boiled for 2-3 minutes put in plenty of hot water in a large pot.
– polishing powder, wool, etc. Please do not use.
– direct fire, and oven grill, microwave oven, please do not use.
* Please do not place near the fire.