Pigeon instant ear thermometer for baby


贝亲 婴儿耳朵专用电子温度计 1秒检测

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Product Introduction
Pigeon ear Chibion is, to have a bulge, is 1 second measurement ear thermometer adapt to the more hand. Illustrations explanation of correct measurement attitude, stuck a note of the probe cover exchange to the main body storage case. Always you can check at the time of your use. 30 seconds with auto power feature of the peace of mind even if accidentally forgetting to turn off.

● thermometry site: eardrum and its periphery ● Power supply voltage: DC3V ● Current consumption: maximum 4.5mA ● electric shock protection: internal power supply equipment, B-shaped mounting unit ● Battery life: the case of continuous measurement under about 5000 times (23 degrees environment ) in order for the battery included with the monitor, you may use the number is less than 5000 times. ● thermometry method: infrared ● Display temperature range: 32.0-42.0 degrees ● temperature accuracy: plus or minus 0.1 degrees /35.0 degrees more than 39.0 degrees when the following, plus or minus 0.2 degrees /32.0 degrees above 34.9 degrees and 39.1 degrees over 42.0 degrees the following time (for the black body furnace, at the use temperature of 23 degrees) ● use conditions: +40 degrees from +5 degrees, 95% RH from 15% RH (no condensation) ● storage conditions: -20 degrees +60 degrees, 95% RH from 10% RH (non condensing) ● accessories: probe cover / six (one is already attached to the body), lithium battery CR2032 / 1 piece (already attached to the body), storage case