Pigeon safty nail clippers for baby 3 months and up


贝亲 新生儿指甲剪指甲钳安全防夹肉 3个月以上

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Product Introduction
Recommended for small and soft small paws of baby.
The tip is round, it is safe with a small and thin blade.
The handle is supported by three fingers. It is well-balanced and can be used stably.
Handle part is hygienic with antibacterial agent containing resin.
It is with a cap to protect the cutting edge when not in use.

Pigeon baby nail clippers scissors is a nail clippers made for soft nails of baby (Baby). So as not to Fukazume or damage the baby’s finger, adopt a round cutting edge. To protect the cutting edge as well, such as during storage or on the road, with a convenient transparent cap. So that the adult is likely to grip, it was in a large handle.

Product Use
● Please note the handling and storage because it is cutlery. ● When you use, please be careful not to put scratches the finger. ● When the remains with dirt on the cutting edge, that it may rust, please wipe after use with tissue paper or cloth. ● Please keep out of reach of children. ※ When you’re ready to turn off the nails, it cuts to the easier for me when the baby is sleeping. Please give to care diligently.

Materials / Ingredients
Blade: high carbon stainless steel handle: ABS resin Cap: polypropylene