Reiko Pore Rice Mask 10p


毛穴抚子 大米面膜 10枚入

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Product Introduction
Keana Nadeshiko Rice Masks contain 100% Japanese rice extracted into a rice serum to moisturize and condition dried out pores. It’s also chock full of beauty ingredients, giving you skin as smooth and fluffy as freshly-steamed white rice.

● Contains organic fermented rice bran (moisturizing ingredient)
● Free of colorants, fragrance
● pH balanced

This thick sheet mask adheres firmly to the skin to allow the plentiful beauty ingredients to sink in, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and give your skin a bouncy, soft texture.
Also reduces pore size!

Product Use
Use directly after cleansing your face.
Using clean hands, remove the mask from the bag and spread it out, making sure not to tear it.
First, attach to the eyes, then mouth, then finally the rest of your face.
After applying for about 5 minutes, softly remove. Work any remaining lotion into your face softly with the palm of your hands.
※ The mask is also usable after applying face lotion!