Pigeon breast milk feel baby bottle plastic toy box 240ml


贝亲 母乳实感适合三个月以上宝宝塑料奶瓶 玩具240ml

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Product Introduction
Mother’s Milk Plastic Baby Bottle 240ml supports breastfeeding children’s growth. The breast-shaped nipples on the bottle promote Natural latch-on so you can easily combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Bottle with gentle roundness is easy to support and hold in hand, hard to roll shape. It is a wide mouth type that is easy to wash and easy to prepare. Light and hard to break, made of plastic (PPSU).
※ Nipple is a form that can properly carry out three steps necessary for better feeding activity.

■ Step 1: Add to bags
Because the nipple has a large bore, you can make your lips fit snugly.

■ Step 2: Extract breast milk by tongue movement
Because it is soft and resilient nipple, you can move naturally smooth tongue.

■ Step 3: to swallow
With the hole size according to the growth of the baby, you can drink gently and slowly.

Product Use
【Washing method】 Boiling: ○ Range: ○ Chemical liquid: ○

[Contents of set] Plastic baby bottle, silicone rubber made – 3 months – / M size (three cut), hood, cap

Materials / Ingredients
· Hood · Cap: Polypropylene
· Nipple: Synthetic rubber (silicone rubber)
· Bottle: Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU)