Pigeon breast milk feeling bottle plastic orange yellow 240ML


贝亲 母乳实感适合三个月以上宝宝塑料奶瓶 橘色240ml

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Product Introduction
Product Features

"Breastfed-Experience bottle plastic orange yellow" is like extending well as mom of boobs, yet collapsed hard nipples type of baby bottle. Extending well with the soft Goon, you can move at the time and close the tongue to drink the boobs. Baby opens the mouth wide, smoothly suckling motion bulge like boobs. Mom, go easy and milk formula in a wide-mouthed for the dad, making it easy to wash. Light and convenient plastic to go out. It is also recommended to bottle the first to align with childbirth preparation. From M size Three cut ● 3 months around May: ● Nipple


· Please use a sponge brush for cleaning. We scratched and wash with a brush of stiff. – The timing milk will be hotter bottle. Please note the burns. · Be milk tone beside the children, please stop. There is a risk of burns. – Please nursing the temperature of the milk and drink from always check. There is a risk of burns. • After boiling disinfection or after microwave disinfection, will also be hot bottle. Please note the burns. At the time, milk formula, spouting the contents and shake the bottle in a vertical, there is the danger that is a risk of burns. Also, shake and set the hood, there is the danger that is a risk of increased leakage and spouting the internal pressure of the bottle by the high temperature of the hot water. · Bottle is intended to give the baby of breast-feeding and other drinks. Please do not use for any other purpose. – The scale of the bottle is a guideline for the milk formula. If you need more precise accuracy, please use a measuring cup and measuring spoon. – Pale brown of the bottle body is the original color of the material. (Coloring additive-free)

how to use

● Before assembling how assemble ※, Please make sure to open the vent valve. 1. have as crush and squeeze the seat plate portion of the nipple. 2. Insert all the way on one side of the nipple seat plate from the top of the cap. 3. Fit the whole seat plate to the inside of the cap with the thumb of both hands. 4. This is a set completion. Please make sure not distorted seat plate turned over ※. 5. fit the nipple and cap to the bottle. Going out and, if you set the hood when not in use, is sanitary indecisiveness dust. ● When the baby is familiar to your replacement of the guideline, one of the nipple, even instead of the new nipple may hate want. Nipple is used to prospect for about two months alternately two or more co, let's replacement as soon as possible when it becomes stale so that you do not cut or torn. Nipples the baby has grown teeth, please note that it may tear and pull chewing.


Ingredients ● Food cap: Polypropylene Nipple: synthetic rubber (silicone rubber) bottle: polyphenylsulfone (PPSU)

Storage and Handling Precautions

After use, the nipple and bottle thoroughly washed using such dedicated brush, please go to disinfection. Please do not place near the fire. It may be deformed.

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